We partner with brands to accelerate ecommerce success by using a combination of data and real world experience, ultimately saving you both time and money and avoiding the many distractions that do not deliver value at either the top or bottom line.

Ecommerce strategy & advisory

Brand strategy, product strategy and e-commerce strategy are often intertwined. 

jcommerce can partner with you on the development and implementation of your ecommerce strategy, drawing upon years of ecommerce experience. We will assist with validating your vision and develop a framework together which will set you up for sustainable growth, avoiding getting fixated on the latest industry buzzword.

From a high level vision to impactful tactics and techniques, jcommerce will partner with you to develop a roadmap for your entire digital ecosystem.

Our starting point is a review of your current offering, unlocking immediate incremental value which can fuel your longer term vision

Trading & Optimisation

Measuring ecommerce conversion at the topline is not a measure of success, context is important. Is 1%, 2% or 3% a good conversion rate? What about conversion from a new customer who has come to your site via social?

Conversion is about understanding the detail behind each touchpoint and building key customer journeys which can be measured over time. By working with jcommerce you can easily identify the immediate opportunities available within your existing eco-system.

Other than conversion, what impact can frequency have on your business. What programs are currently in place to drive this metric?

jcommerce will assist in getting the most out of your existing technology stack by applying proven tactics and techniques. 

Make a substantial impact on your business by partnering with jcommerce to drive your ecommerce trade and access years of cross functional ecommerce experience at a much lower cost than if you were to hire these skills internally.

Partner Selection

The digital landscape is quite a complex one, with hundreds of potential technology solutions out there. The biggest challenge we see in this space is choosing the right partner or technology which is ‘fit for purpose’. ‘Fit for purpose’ is based on your individual business requirements. jcommerce can assist with building out these requirements and mapping this to potential partners and guide you through the selection process.

Having come from retail, there are four key differences to how we deliver this process. 

  • Commercial impact at both the top and bottom line
  • Internal capability to get the most out of the investment
  • Flag any changes or impact to current business processes or operations
  • Ability to future proof, scale and grow with the business


Set yourself up for success with jcommerce guiding you through the onboarding and implementation process.

We will inform you on the key decisions that need to be made and the impact this can have on other parts of the digital ecosystem. Technology is almost always not at fault. Common issues stem from how it has been implemented or decisions that have been made without understanding the consequences. jcommerce can help alleviate this risk.

eCommerce Channel Management

In the current market building an ecommerce team can be very expensive. jcommerce can be an extension of your existing team and take care after your ecommerce function from customer acquisition through to fulfilment.

This includes: 

  • Trade of your existing channels
  • Development of new and emerging channels
  • Vendor management and partner selection
  • Performance monitoring and reporting
  • Digital and ecommerce strategy

jcommerce is technology agnostic and has worked across a large range of platforms and technologies.

Whether you are a small business looking to hire in the expertise or a larger business wanting to optimise your existing operation, jcommerce can deliver on your ecommerce needs at a much lower investment, leveraging our years of expertise and limit the risk of costly mistake.